Bring it on!

Whether it’s new construction, remodelling or renovation, you’re dependent on contractors for the realization of your project. You’ll come to an accord about the work to be performed in the specifications and the related contractual agreements. Those same documents will determine who is responsible for what, also in terms of liability. Following that, you can adjust the coverage of your CAR-insurance accordingly.


CAR Verzekering - Constructie
CAR Verzekering - constructie

OBM’s CAR-insurance uses your construction specifications as a starting point. If you’re using a standard text, there’s a chance it won’t provide proper coverage. Which means that it isn’t clear which risks are the responsibility of a contractor and which are yours. OBM would happily help you by assisting you in drafting the construction specifications. These specifications and the corresponding CAR-insurance will guarantee the best possible risk coverage.

To be certain whether the CAR-insurance of your intended contractor fits the specification requirements, OBM can check its coverage. This check prevents both parties from running into any unpleasant surprises.