Welcome to CARverzekering.nl
Our many years of experience enable us to provide you with the correct advice. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.
Welcome to CARverzekering.nl
A building site is a hive of activity on the part of people and materials. With a variety of activities responsibilities can blur. So who is liable when damage is incurred? Providing clarity for the principal and contractor(s) is not just nice to have, but essential in taking effective measures. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us.

The CAR-insurance

The Construction-All-Risk-insurance, referred to simply as CAR-insurance, provides extensive coverage for risks attached to construction projects. This applies, for example, to damage to materials, to transport and to the construction work. Carverzekering.nl is part of OBM Assuradeuren B.V. and OBM Makelaars in Assurantiën B.V. We’re here for you and for your clients. That’s why we prefer to think in terms of solutions rather than damage claims. We do this with products that help your clients limit, manage and insure their risks.

The principal

Whether it’s new construction, remodelling or renovation, you’re dependent on contractors for the realization of your project. You’ll come to an accord about the work to be performed in the specifications and the related contractual agreements. Those same documents will determine who is responsible for what, also in terms of liability. Following that, you can adjust the coverage of your CAR-insurance accordingly.


There are risks attached to the execution of any assignment. As a link in the construction chain, you won’t be able to control all of it on your own. Therefore, each (sub)contractor should know what those risks are and how they are covered. Only when you’ve attained that overview – perhaps with assistance from OBM – will you be able to effectively determine what your CAR-insurance coverage should be.


Your clients trust your advice and they trust in the insurance they take out through you. Are you interested in working with OBM? Contact us and enquire about the possibilities!


Why choose OBM?


You want to be sure that your advisor spends time assessing, supervising and covering construction risks on a daily basis.


Whether it’s commercial construction, infrastructure projects, demolition or remediation, OBM’s risk advisors have been ensuring competent suitable coverage for years.

Core business

Specialising and decision-making leads to an ideal mix. We enjoy helping you cover your construction risks and we’re genuinely interested in the technical details of a project.


OBM’s risk advisor are there to provide you with advice and assistance in your work. Not just once, but continuously. That way, we’re aware of what’s happening in your organisation and we’ll be able to take the correct

Claim settlement

Experience is an essential requirement when settling claims. This is what OBM can offer you: experienced claims handlers who are familiar with the circumstances and able to quickly shift gears. We’re happy to be of service, even if a specific claim isn’t covered.

Contracted work (DID or DIC)

DID or DIC is old hat for OBM’s advisors. Whether the principal or you take out the CAR-insurance is no issue. OBM’s advisors will take this off your hands so that you can focus on your work.


The OBM insurance conditions are among the very best on the market. We don’t say that often, because we think offering the best conditions is common sense. Our faith in the level of service we provide and the insurance conditions we offer is such that you can choose to use the terms and conditions of a different insurance company when registering a work. If damage is then incurred, you can choose to let the claims handler settle the claim using the OBM conditions or the conditions provided when registering the work.

Do you have questions or want to take out a CAR-insurance? Feel free to contact us!

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