The CAR-insurance

Entrepreneurial risk

Builders are true entrepreneurs. They don’t shy away from risk. An initial head start in a given area often results in a handicap in the long term. A lot is done on feeling and based on years of cooperation

Every entrepreneur strives to be distinctive. Proprietary product development that can be implemented in the construction process or entire turnkey projects are the order of the day. The same with market specific contracts and conditions (UAV-GC), and construction team partnerships.

But what are the risks of doing business? Does a greater risk translate to a greater reward?  Managing these risks by gaining insight into what risks are taken, has become a major part of your business. OBM is the partner that will guide you and provide you with the tool to shape this change within your organisation.

CAR Verzekering - Constructie

Risk advisor

It’s important to know when to consult your partners in risk. This requires constant consultation with your risk advisor about dealing with risks. This might mean that you refrain from registering for a project because the risks cannot be covered adequately. Getting a ‘No’ is a possibility, but always preferable in advance.

OBM is well versed in market specific contracts and conditions (UAV-GC) and appropriate insurance solutions. This may be a technical inspection service, perhaps combined with a hidden defects insurance. In other situations a comprehensive CAR-insurance with professional indemnity coverage may offer the appropriate solution to manage your risks. OBM’s advisors have extensive experience with these matters. To provide an impression of our portfolio, we invite you to review our references.

Fitting solutions

Involving OBM in your plans at an early stage will provide you with a plethora of benefits. When putting in a bid for a project, we’ll be able to advise you whether your current insurance policies provide fitting coverage. Oftentimes, these checks lead to questions that can still be asked and answered before putting in our definitive bid. Do the insurance requirements in the construction specifications match the work to be done? Do the limits in the specifications match the work to be done or have no limits been mentioned? In short, framing a construction project is what we do.

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