Supplementary services

As an advisor for business risks, prevention is an important subject that you discuss with your clients. The supplementary services that OBM provides seamlessly integrate with this. Next to excellent terms and conditions and smooth claim settlement, OBM also provides services that make the risk bearable for the insurance companies. An important advantage is that these supplementary services will cause your clients to view you as proactive, involved and service oriented. Which is an added benefit for a professional advisor, such as yourself, in a sensitive industry.  Risk hedging and prevention go hand in hand, as far as we’re concerned. That’s why you can contract us to have vibration measurements taken on construction sites, but also for preliminary recordings of the interiors and exteriors of surrounding buildings, baseline measurements, altimetric measurements or even a risk-controller. Our goal is to unburden you and your clients with the supplementary services.

CAR Verzekering - Constructie

We’ll happily support your organisation. In what ways, you ask? By offering a basic course on CAR-insurance and an in-depth course for business risk advisors, among other things. These courses provide a clear explanation of the various parts of the CAR-insurance using case-studies. The aim of these courses is to prepare you for advising your clients about the various parts of the CAR-insurance and allow you to address the differences between various suppliers.

Should you wish to take any of these courses, please contact our secretariat.